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Technical Specifications
 Scanner Type  Non-contact CMM
Laser Line Scanner
 File Output . PLY, .OBJ and .STL
 Range  Up to 1 meter
 Point CloudVertices Per Scan Up to 8 millionvertices
 Scan Time  5 minutes including processing
Accuracy Capture Size >0.5mm Accuracy < 100 microns

Eye Safe Laser (Class 2M)

520nm wavelength

Glass Lens for Precision Optics

 Accuracy  Capture Size  >0.5mm

Accuracy < 100 microns

 Polygon Count Per Scan Up to 16 million

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2st      Dater processing

seal up the mesh
create a watertight solid

3st      Direct digital manufacturing
layered structure processing of a polyester nonwoven fabric.

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